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What is The Vault Classic Music Reviews Podcast? Simply put, it's this: Do you remember growing up with your friends and experiencing great music for the first time and then having those conversations with your friends about what you liked about it the most? Did you ever deem any of those a "classic"? How about the feeling that you get when you hear music from your childhood, adolescence or young adulthood and it takes right back to the time, location and feeling that you experienced back then? We all have!

Our podcast is just that. We take the conversation that so many of us have or had about hip-hop music and bring it to table; reviving that honored tradition of music debates at the lunch table in high school which then became the heated discussions at the cafeteria in college and then transitioned to forums, discussion boards and social media online. Sure, we review music from a "technical" perspective, but the heart of our discussion comes from three things: passion, emotion and experiences.

We believe that the word "classic" has been over wrung over the last few years and worn out. We also believe that some albums that didn't receive their due back in the day deserve it now.

Music needs time to breathe. That's why we review classic hip-hop, R&B and reggae albums and music 20, 25 and 30 years later. Time has a way of showing us all how things grow, maintain, appreciate or depreciate. That is the true test of where classics emerge.Join us every week for our album reviews and also our bonus segments discussing everything from hotly debated topics, movies, events, fashion that impacted the hip-hop culture and more! Make sure that you #OpenTheVault with #NothingButTheClassics

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