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April 19, 2022

Adriana Evans: Adriana Evans (1997). A Lost Treasure Through Time.

Adriana Evans: Adriana Evans (1997). A Lost Treasure Through Time.

B. Cox reviews R&B singer Adriana Evans self-titled debut album Adriana Evans as it turns 25. The daughter of jazz singer Mary Stallings, Evans emerged in the mid-90s featuring on her future collaborator and producer (and also future husband) Jonathan 'Dred' Scott's 1994 album Breakin' Combs. After starting with Capitol Records when she started recording her debut, she landed on hip-hop powerhouse label Loud Records to finish and release her album. Working with Scott and musician and arranger Rastine Calhoun III, the album featured 12 tracks of power packed music; featuring a blend of jazz and classic soul music with contemporary R&B and hip-hop serving as the soundtrack to her sweet yet powerful vocals. The album featured two singles: "Seeing Is Believing" and "Love Is All Around" which both charted on the Billboard R&B charts.

Unfortunatey, due what seems to be a lack of substansial promotion and marketing from the label and a release that was timed during a explosively successful year in the R&B game, her debut went largely unnoticed from the masses, aside from a group of dedicated fans who praised the album's content her effortless vocal abilities. After taking a hiatus from the music industry following her debut, she emerged seven years later after a sabbatical in Brazil and released four more albums after fading from the public eye after 2012.

In her absence in the public eye, her debut album has attracted a cult following in the years gone by. Fans continue to praise the album and even a quarter of century later, it is still being discovered by fans every day. Due to the album not being available on streaming services, physical copies are a commodity and widely sought after; making the album one of the rarest finds on the secondary market.

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