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July 19, 2021

Bilal: 1st Born Second (2001). A Soulquarian Experience

Bilal: 1st Born Second (2001). A Soulquarian Experience

B. Cox & Domo review Philly neo soul singer and Soulquarian member Bilal and his debut studio album 1st Born Second. After spending the latter part of the previous decade collaborating with various artists and linking up with his soon-to-be Soulqaurian counterparts, his debut album was a sprawling journey of funk, soul, jazz and hip-hop, an ambitous overtaking only matched by his unique and versatile voice. Over production from the likes of Megahertz, Aaron Comess, Dr. Dre, Dre & Vidal, Rapheal Saadiq and the late J. Dilla, Bilal spends 75 minutes taking us on an experience while exceptional in every aspect, was largely forgotten by a public whose attention was hard to keep

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Show Notes:

DefineARevolution: The Underrated-Bilal "1st Born Second"


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