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Jan. 24, 2022

BONUS EPISODE! Relics Of The Past: Record Release Tuesdays

BONUS EPISODE! Relics Of The Past: Record Release Tuesdays

In a new bonus episode segement Relics of the Past, B. Cox reminsces about what was the excitement of Record Release Tuesdays. From the late 1980s until 2015, the music industry designated Tuesdays as its Global Release Day; the day that new albums were released. He talks about the hype, anticipation and journey about going to the record/music store on release day and how the day fit into the culture of music (most specifically during the commerical rise and popularization of hip-hop) and fanhood.

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Show Notes

NPR: Why Albums Are Relased on Tuesdays In The U.S.


NPR: Goodbye Music Tuesdays. Starting Today, Albums Come Out On Friday


Rolling Stone: Music Industry Sets Friday At Its New Global Release Day


Vibe: The Record Store. What Used to Be


UpRoxx: Putting Out New Albums on Friday Is Bad, So Let's Move It Back To Tuesday


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