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Aug. 6, 2021

BONUS EPISODE! "The Guest Lounge" w/ Breaking Atoms Podcast (with Sumit Sharma & Chris Mitchell)

In a bonus episode of The Guest Lounge, B. Cox sits down with Sumit Sharma & Chris Mitchell of the Breaking Atoms Podcast. Based in the United Kingdom, Sharma and Mitchell have built one of the more intuitive, insightful and entertaing hip-hop podcasts in the industry. He chats with the duo about their journey as hip-hop fans, content creators and their motivation for starting the podcast.

He also digs deep on the success of their recently critically acclaimed audio documentary Brookyln's Finest: The Making of Reasonable Doubt; a 5 part series that takes listeners on a journey through the making of Jay-Z's classic debut album after 25 years from the perspective of some of the producers, executives and major players of the hip-hop scene who experienced it and helped make it a reality first-hand.

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Breaking Atoms Podcast (Sumit Sharma & Chris Mitchell)

Get stuck off the realness as Sumit and Chris break down the important issues in Hip Hop music, culture and politics. From high-brow deep dives to low-end theories, expect clinical analysis and subjective perspectives from these two Rap Scientists.