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Jan. 18, 2021

Bonus Segment! Cards, Dominoes Drinks & Smoke: The Year That Was-1996

Bonus Segment! Cards, Dominoes Drinks & Smoke: The Year That Was-1996

In a bonus segment of Cards, Dominoes, Drinks & Smoke B. Cox and Domo reminisce on the phenomenon that was the year of 1996 in music and pop culture. They talk about the amazing array of classic and high quality albums released, the moments that shaped the music and their personal takes on most anticipated, surprising and disappointing albums of 1996.

Show Notes:

Complex-The 1996 Project Looking Back On The Year That Hip-Hop Embraced Success


Shows I Go To: Why 1996 Is The Most Important Agreement In Hip-Hop History


Complex: The Best Rap Songs of 1996


Hip-Hop Sports Report: 1996 20 Years Later: 10 Observations From the Birth, Growth and Death of Hip-Hop


Hip-Hop Golden Age: Top 40 Hip-Hop Albums From 1996


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