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Jan. 31, 2022

Camp Lo: Uptown Saturday Night (1997). "Coolie High To El Caminos, Cadillacs & Cool Cats"

Camp Lo: Uptown Saturday Night (1997).

B. Cox and J. Owe review the Bronx rap duo Camp Lo's cult classic debut Uptown Saturday Night. After spending the initial parts of their careers together apart, Sonny Cheeba and Geechie Suede rose through the independent rap scene and collaborated with up and coming producer Ski for their debut album. Bolstered by the megahot single "Luchini (This is It)", the group compiled their album highlighted by Ski's mix of funky soulful and suspense filled beats with flows that were smooth and silky, yet stream of consciousness at times. The album flaunted a throwback theme that harkened back to slang and vernacular from the 70s that complimented the laid back, yet sharp deameanor and fashion that Camp Lo possesed.

The album, while not wildly succesful commecial outside of "Luchini", was hailed by critics and fans alike, gaining cult status and has been hailed a classic by many 25 years later.

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