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Nov. 30, 2020

"Cards, Dominoes, Drinks & Smoke": The '95th Element/Soul Ownership

In this two-part "Throwback Edition" bonus episode of Cards, Dominoes, Drinks & Smoke, B. Cox takes on a journey in his past.

In Part 1-The '95th Element, he talks about how the summer of 1995 and a bond of friendship based on music and hip-hop culture, coupled with a banner year for the genre, changed his life forever.

In Part 2-Soul Ownership, he speaks on the impact that four exceptional "neo-soul" projects which dropped in the Year 2000 coincided with his coming of age and starting college, creating a balance and mix of a unique soundtrack to the next chapter of his life.

Show Notes:

Billboard-2000: A Soul Odyssey. By Naima Cochrane


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