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April 11, 2022

Das Efx: Dead Serious (1992). Ciggity-Coming Straight From The Sewer...

Das Efx: Dead Serious (1992). Ciggity-Coming Straight From The Sewer...

B. Cox and J. Owe review Das Efx's innovative debut album Dead Serious as it turns 30. After meeting as students as Virginia State University in the late 80s and being discovered by EPMD during a talent show, the duo of Dray and Skoob set out to make a splash in the industry with their unique stream of consciousness flow and their style of "sewage language" aka "the iggity flow". The album spawned the #1 rap chart and Top 100 hit "They Want Efx" and another #1 rap chart hit "Mic Checka".

The project went platinum and Das Efx's style was considered influential and was co-opted by many of their contemporaries.

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Show Notes

Albumism: Das Efx's debut album "Dead Serious" Turns 30 | Anniversary Retrospective


Rock The Bells: "Straight From The Sewers": The Grimy Verbal Virtuosity Of Das Efx


Rock The Bells: Classic Albums: 'Dead Serious' by Das Efx


TV One: Celebrating 30 Years of Das Efx


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