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May 16, 2023

DMX: It's Dark And Hell Is Hot (1998). The Dark Man Cometh

DMX: It's Dark And Hell Is Hot (1998). The Dark Man Cometh
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B. Cox and J. Owe review DMX's classic debut album It's Dark And Hell It's Hotas it turns 25. After spending years in the underground and paying his dues on the scene, the late Yonkers emcee burst onto the public scene in 1997 with a string of high profile and powerful feature verses for the likes of LL Cool J, the LOX and Ma$e. Signed to Def Jam as a part of their "revival", he sought to bring a street edge back to hip-hop, which was trending fully into the commercial and corporate era.

Produced mostly by Dame Grease, but assited by the likes of Irv Gotti, PK, Swizz Beatz and Waah, the album featured dark and menacing production that was also featured anthem worthy music. Lyrically, DMX provided us a glimpse into his soul; crafting a perfect kaleidoscope of his world: street and hardcore songs, party anthems, dark and menacing tracks, candid and introspective moments as well as the occasional dose of spirituality-which would be his hallmark. While not described as lyrically adept, this combination as well his superior flow, voice and command of his audience's emotions is what made him an instant success. It featured the likes of his Yonkers compatriots The LOX, Kasino, Ma$e, Faith Evans and Ruff Ryders emcee Drag-On.

The album feature four singles: "Get At Me Dog","Stop Being Greedy", "Ruff Ryders Anthem" and "How It's Going Down" with all of them having the rare distinction of charting in the Billboard Top 100. The album was certified four times platinum and began an 18-month period where he stood on top of hip-hop as the biggest and most successful star in the game.

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Show Notes

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