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Aug. 1, 2022

EPMD: Business Never Personal (1992). It Was All Good...Until It Wasn't

EPMD: Business Never Personal (1992). It Was All Good...Until It Wasn't

B. Cox reviews EPMD's fourth album Business Never Personal as it turns 30. After three successful albums that carried them through the peak of hip-hop's golden era, EPMD released their fourth album and seemed primed for success well into the 90s.

The album is packed into less than 40 minutes of funky, but thumping production by the group with two singles: "Crossover" and the posse cut "Head Banger" which featured fellow Hit Squad members K-Solo and newcomer Redman. The album went gold and is considered by some to be the group's third classic album, and by others a return to their roots of their freshman and sophomore albums.

The success would not be long lived. Due to tensions over financial improprieties and accusations that Erick Sermon sent burglars to rob Parrish Smith's home, the group split shortly after the album, pursuing solo careers, before reuniting in 1997 for a new album.

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Show Notes

Albumism: EPMD's fourth album "Business Never Personal" Turns 30 | Anniversary Retrospective


HipHopScriptures: EPMD's "Business Never Personal" Album Anniversary


Medium: Funk Loops, Turmoil and Reconciliation: EPMD's "Business Never Personal" Turns 30...


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