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April 10, 2023

Goodie Mob: Still Standing (1998). Born and True to Atlanta

Goodie Mob: Still Standing (1998). Born and True to Atlanta
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B. Cox and J. Owe take a look back at Goodie Mob's sophomore album Still Standing as it turns 25. Three years after their landmark classic debut album Soul Food, the Atlanta quartet of Big Gipp, Khujo, T-Mo and CeeLo Green was still on a mission to let the world know about life in the "Dirty South". Despite releasing their album in a southern hip-hop arena that was dominated at the time by their New Orleans counterparts from No Limit, the Mob was ready to show the world that they were a testament to their album title.

The album was again produced by the production trio and their Dungeon Family mentors Organized Noize, with CeeLo and T-Mo providing produciton assistance as well of the likes of Mr. DJ, DJ Muggs, Craig Love and Dave Whild. The album also featured fellow Dungeon family members and affliates in Withdoctor, Lil Will, Chiefton and Backbone.

The album spawned two singles: "They Don't Dance No Mo" and "Black Ice" featuring OutKast. Despite the decreased attention and hoopla as compared to their debut, the album was fairly successful being certified gold and stands as one of hip-hop's strongest sophomore albums following a classic debut.

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Show Notes

Albumism: Goodie Mob's 'Still Standing' Turns 25 | Annivesary Retrospective


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