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Sept. 28, 2020

Kool G Rap: 4, 5, 6... (1995). An Hip-Hop OG Takes Center Stage

Kool G Rap: 4, 5, 6... (1995). An Hip-Hop OG Takes Center Stage

B. Cox and Domo take a look back at Kool G Rap solo album debit 4, 5, 6..., an effort that saw one of the most respected and influential emcees in the game throw his hat in the ring and show that he could still make a mark among his successors who he influenced and who respected him so much.

Show Notes:

Albumism: Kool G Rap's Debut Solo Album '4, 5, 6' Turns 25- Anniversary Retrospective


Record Recall: Kool G Rap '4, 5, 6'


Rap Reviews: "Back To The Lab" Kool G Rap '4, 5, 6"


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