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Nov. 22, 2021

Mobb Deep: Hell on Earth (1996). The Saga Begun...And So Did War

Mobb Deep: Hell on Earth (1996). The Saga Begun...And So Did War

B. Cox & J. Owe review Mobb Deep's third album Hell On Earth. After releasing their sophmore classic, 1995's The Infamous, to critical acclaim and rave reviews, the duo from Queensbridge followed up the next year with an equally strong effort to announce their intention to be in the game for the long haul. While the album lacks the starpower of tracks and titles that The Infamous displayed, it packs a emphatc and consistent soung of just over an hour filled with new Havoc production. The new beats, while cinematic in nature, took a darker tone with Havoc sampling more soul records and piano tracks and was backed up by their even darker, hard hitting rhymes. It was highlighted by Havoc's improvement as an emcee and saw Prodigy take the next step as elite emcee by continuing to cast bars that painted pictures and illicted nightmares.  Backed as well by a strong supporting cast of guest features, the album went gold in 1997.

The darker tone of the album may have been attributed to a tumultous and tense time in hip-hop with the group smack dab in the middle of feuds between camps from New York and the West Coast.

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