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May 31, 2021

NWA: Niggaz4Life aka Efil4Zaggin (1991)-The End of An Empire

NWA: Niggaz4Life aka Efil4Zaggin (1991)-The End of An Empire

B. Cox looks back at NWA's 2nd and final album Niggaz4Life (stylized as Efil4Zaggin). Dubbed "The World's Most Dangerous Group" after their classic debut, the outfit entered their last LP minus their most prolific emcee Ice Cube and was poised to show the hip-hop world that they could do it without him. Led by the prolific pen and sinister rhymes of MC Ren, focused and hard hitting production by Dr. Dre and DJ Yella and the ever witty Eazy E, their 2nd effort stepped up the intensity in terms of raw and vulgar lyrics as well as their customary tales of street life in Southern California.

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Show Notes:

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