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Aug. 15, 2022

O.C.: Jewelz (1997). "Mush" Makes Sure of No Sophomore Slump.

O.C.: Jewelz (1997).

B. Cox reviews Brooklyn and Diggin in The Crates (DITC) emcee O.C.'s second album Jewelz as it turns 25. After his critically acclaimed 1994 debut album Word...Life, O.C. took to the road to tour exclusively for almost three years. When he returned to the booth to record his sophomore album, he did so with an all-star cast of producers. Along with the returning Buckwild, who contributed production heavily on his debut, he also welcomed the likes of heavyweights DJ Premier, Mr. Walt from The Beatminerz, DJ Ogee and fellow DITC affiliates Showbiz and Lord Finesse.

Featuring a slightly grittier sound than the jazz infused sound of his debut, O.C. spit his expert storytelling narratives and flexed his lyrical prowess with guest spots from Freddie Foxx, R&B singer Yvette Michele and the late great Big L, who was also a fellow DITC crew member. The album featured one single, "Far From Yours" with Michele, which reached #81 on the Billboard Hot 100.

While not commercially successful, the album has been hailed as both an underground and cult classic and further solidified respect for OC as a lyricist and artist as he avoided the dreaded "sophomore slump."

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