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Aug. 30, 2021

OutKast: ATLiens (1996). The Upstarts Become Major Players.

OutKast: ATLiens (1996). The Upstarts Become Major Players.

B. Cox welcomes 12Kyle of The 12 Kyle Podcast to review OutKast's sophmore hit album ATLiens. After shaking up and introducing themselves on the hip-hop scene with their classic debut album Southernplayaisticadillacmuzik, Dre and Big Boi sought to make a project that would solidfy their position as major players in the hip-hop scene nationally and internationally. Spurned once again by production from Organized Noize and also their debut into self-production, the duo spun tales of growth, cautionary stories, life in a changing Atlanta landscape and their desire to reach the top with lyrics and a flow that had advanced past the ambitious offering of their debut.

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Show Notes:

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