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Aug. 3, 2020

Raekwon: Only Built For Cuban Linx...(1995). "The Legend of The Purple Tape"

Raekwon: Only Built For Cuban Linx...(1995).

The crew reviews Raekwon's pivotal 1995 debut album Only Built 4 Cuban Linx... also more popularly known in hip-hop circles as "The Purple Tape" known for its distinctive color of the original cassette tape release. It was a project that innovated the Mafioso rap sub genre with tales of street life and crime enterprises crafted by superb rhyming, a flawless selection of beats and cast of guests which made it one of the best rap albums of the 1990s.

Show Notes

Albumism-Raekwon's debut solo album "Only Built For Cuban Linx..." Turns 25 | Anniversary Retrospective


Hip-Hop Wired-Purple Tape Posse: Twitter Salutes Raekwon on 25th Anniversary of "Only Built 4 Cuban Linx..."


Variety-Raekwon Looks Back on "Only Built 4 Cuban Linx" 25 Years Later: "I was bringing my life's story to the table."


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