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June 7, 2021

Shabba Ranks: As Raw As Ever (1991). The Emperor Reigns (featuring Reggae Lover Podcast)

Shabba Ranks:  As Raw As Ever (1991). The Emperor Reigns (featuring Reggae Lover Podcast)

B. Cox is joined by Kahlil Wonda and Agard of Reggae Lover Podcast to review dancehall reggae legend Shabba Ranks hit album As Raw As Ever as it turns 30. After a few releases that made him a dancehall star in his native Jamaica, Ranks burst onto the scene and emerged as the first dominant reggae superstar in the 1990s with a sound that would catipult dancehall as a genre in the world's consciousness. With his commanding presence, gruff voice and slack lyrics, he shot to the top of the charts and became the first dancehall artist to win Best Reggae Album at the Grammys in 1992.


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Show Notes:


Chicago Tribune: Reggae's New Attitude. (From Jan. 3, 1993)


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