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May 16, 2022

Super Cat: Don Dada (1992). "Wild Apache" Reigns (featuring Kahlil Wonda of Reggae Lover Podcast)

Super Cat: Don Dada (1992).

B. Cox is joined by Kahlil Wonda of the Reggae Lover Podcast (and Highlanda Sound System) to review dancehall deejay Super Cat's major label debut album Don Dada as it turns 30. After mixing it up in Jamaica in the sound system scene and growing "dancehall" scene in the mid-to-late 80s, Super Cat traveled to New York to sign a deal with Columbia Records, becoming one of the first reggae dancehall acts to sign with a major US label.

A key artist and influencer in a scene that was growing in popularity in the United States, the artist also known as "Wild Apache" flexed his keen lyrical prowess, smooth flow and unique voice while assisted by producers the like of the reggae duo Steely and Clevie and featured artist such as hip-hop artist Heavy D and reggae singer Frankie Paul.

The album features many dancehall classic singles such as "Ghetto Red Hot", "Dolly My Baby" and "Nuff Man Ah Dead" as well a host of other lesser known dancehall hits. Due to his major label status and standing among reggae tastemakers in Jamaica and the United States, this lead to a number of collaborations with hip-hop acts like Mary J. Blige, Puff Daddy and the Notorious B.I.G.; primarily remixes to "Ghetto Red Hot" and "Dolly My Baby" which catered to the American crowd. After this album, Super Cat would continue recording music and eventually landed a mega crossover hit with rock band Sugar Ray in "Fly" in 1997.

This album is credited with helping to raise the profile of dancehall reggae to a mostly American black popular music audience in the early 90s and helped make it a viable genre commercially in the United States.

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