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Dec. 21, 2020

"The Guest Lounge": 'The Professor' Nathan T. Rideaux of "Playerz From The South"

In this edition of "The Guest Lounge", B. Cox chops it up with "The Professor" Nathan T. Rideaux of Urban Science Media LLC. Nathan is a hip-hop historian, author and content creator with his experience in the culture spanning from the early days of hip-hop. He is the writer and creator or Hip-Hop's #1 scripted podcast Playerz From The South, a drama chronicling the rise and journey of a southern hip-hop record executive and mogul during rap's heyday in the late 80s and the early 90s..


In addition to his audio exploits, Nathan also directed and produced a documentary We Are One: Street Music of New Orleans, a film chronicling the different music and personalities within the Crescent City.


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"We Are One: Street Music of New Orleans" Documentary


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Nathan "The Professor" Rideaux


Professed as "Down South B-Boy", Nathan "The Professor" Rideaux is the CEO and founder of Urban Science Media, LLC-a platform to preserve and promote classic Hip-Hop culture thru non-stereotypical means of audio, visual, and written media. As a curator and hip-hop historian, Nathan has been involved in many projects such as documentaries and books about the hip-hop history and down south hip-hop. Currently, he produces and hosts two podcast. First is "Players From The South", "Playerz from the South, the first scripted Hip-Hop podcast. The other is "Food Dope Podcast", a podcast that combines the ingredients of Hip-Hop inspired and world renowned Executive Chefs, Restaurateurs, and Food Influencers.