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Aug. 9, 2021

UGK: Ridin' Dirty (1996). A Texas Rap Manifesto (feat. Nathan "The Professor" Rideaux)

UGK: Ridin' Dirty (1996). A Texas Rap Manifesto (feat. Nathan

B. Cox once again welcomes Nathan "The Professor" Rideaux of Food Dope Podcast to review UGK's third album, the southern classic Ridin' Dirty. After feeling neglected, underutilized and underfunded by their record lable Jive, the Texas duo went to work to lay their classic album to prove them and the industry wrong. Over soulful, funky and bass heavy production by Pimp C and N.O. Joe, they sought to bring the industry to a slice of life in their corner of the world in Texas; life riddled with hard times, drug problems and war, murder and struggling to get by. The reality in their raps backed by the superb production gave Bun B and Pimp C their best selling album to date.

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Show Notes:

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Nathan "The Professor" Rideaux


Professed as "Down South B-Boy", Nathan "The Professor" Rideaux is the CEO and founder of Urban Science Media, LLC-a platform to preserve and promote classic Hip-Hop culture thru non-stereotypical means of audio, visual, and written media. As a curator and hip-hop historian, Nathan has been involved in many projects such as documentaries and books about the hip-hop history and down south hip-hop. Currently, he produces and hosts two podcast. First is "Players From The South", "Playerz from the South, the first scripted Hip-Hop podcast. The other is "Food Dope Podcast", a podcast that combines the ingredients of Hip-Hop inspired and world renowned Executive Chefs, Restaurateurs, and Food Influencers.