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Oct. 31, 2022

SWV: It's About Time (1992). "Take It To Tha Bridge'..." (feat. Alise & JR of R&B Reps) **Special Guest Appearance by album producer Brian Alexander Morgan!!!**

B. Cox is joined by NaturallyAlise and JR of the R&B Representers to review SWV's debut classic album It's About Time as it turns 30. As R&B continued its evolution in the early 90s, the trio from NYC burst onto the scene with a jam packed album of hits and a long list of singles that would keep their album in the public consciousness for years until their next effort. Formed by Cheryl "Coko" Gamble, Tamara "Taj" George (nee Johnson) and Leanne "LeeLee" Lyons, the group started in gospel, but soon transitioned to R&B.

The majority of the album was primarily produced and co-written by singer and producer Brian Alexander Morgan. It also featured production from Genard Parker, Michael Brown, Saphreem King and Donald "Dee" Bowden. It's legendary run included seven singles, including the #1 R&B ballad "Weak", top R&B hit "I'm So Into You", "Right Here", "Downtown", "Anything" and the Morgan vocally assisted "You're Always On My Mind".

The album was certified triple platinum and has been considered a staple of the greatness of 90s R&B music. SWV would go on to release many albums and reunited to tour after taking long hiatus in new millennium, having influenced a great deal of their contemporaries and successors with the sound of their debut effort.

Catch Alise and JR of the R&B Representers!

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R&B Representers (Naturally Alise & JR)

JR and Naturally Alise are the R&B Representers, two dynamic content creators who highlight the architects, honor the legends, and educate about the history of R&B music. Alise is an author and vinyl collector, while JR is an R&B expert and historian.

Created in July 2020, The R&B Representers have interviewed notable guests such as Brian Alexander Morgan, Trina Broussard, Zo!, and Craig Seymour. JR and Alise are committed to sharing their collective love of the R&B genre as well as sharing knowledge with R&B artists, critics, and fellow fans.

JR and Naturally Alise host Catch That!, a YouTube series of music conversations with people in the music industry taking a deep dive into influential R&B artists, albums, and eras. During their biweekly Instagram Live show, the R&B Representers visit musical trends and pioneers of the genre. The R&B Representers also host “The Goodness,” a two-hour radio show featuring a mix of past and present R&B music, commentary, and artist interviews.

The R&B Representers will continue to create fun and engaging programming about a genre of Black music they both love, and consider it an honor to give the great R&B legends of our time their much-deserved flowers.

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Brian Alexander Morgan


Brian Alexander Morgan is an American record producer from Wichita, Kansas, United States, best known for his work writing and producing with the R&B group SWV.