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R&B Representers (Naturally Alise & JR)

JR and Naturally Alise are the R&B Representers, two dynamic content creators who highlight the architects, honor the legends, and educate about the history of R&B music. Alise is an author and vinyl collector, while JR is an R&B expert and historian.

Created in July 2020, The R&B Representers have interviewed notable guests such as Brian Alexander Morgan, Trina Broussard, Zo!, and Craig Seymour. JR and Alise are committed to sharing their collective love of the R&B genre as well as sharing knowledge with R&B artists, critics, and fellow fans.

JR and Naturally Alise host Catch That!, a YouTube series of music conversations with people in the music industry taking a deep dive into influential R&B artists, albums, and eras. During their biweekly Instagram Live show, the R&B Representers visit musical trends and pioneers of the genre. The R&B Representers also host “The Goodness,” a two-hour radio show featuring a mix of past and present R&B music, commentary, and artist interviews.

The R&B Representers will continue to create fun and engaging programming about a genre of Black music they both love, and consider it an honor to give the great R&B legends of our time their much-deserved flowers.

Oct. 31, 2022

SWV: It's About Time (1992). "Take It To Tha Bridge'..." (feat. Alise…

B. Cox is joined by NaturallyAlise and JR of the R&B Representers to review SWV 's debut classic album It's About Time as it turns 30. As R&B continued its evolution in the early 90s, the trio from NYC burst …

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